My Story

Some blame it on an accidental overdose of gamma radiation. Others say it was a bite from a musically gifted spider. Or maybe it was just something in the cafeteria food. How else does one explain Chad Lawson's transformation in a few short years from Purdue computer engineering major with no musical background, to composer/performer/conductor/songwriter with two invitations to perform with a choir at Carnegie Hall under his belt who then ditched it all and became an internet marketer & web developer specializing in lead aquisition?

In terms on internet marketing, 1998 was the 'wild west' years. Chad spent time cutting his teeth starting and running a web development company, navigating the technicalities of code slinging for efficiency, designing on a dime & experimenting with client's online businesses' for higher profitability.

After several years of designing & developing sites for Phoenix area clients, Chad's curiosity klonked him on the head when he asked himself, "Why do some of my clients do well online and some go into the graveyard?" In a unique position to see inside of many businesses AND know their site inside and out, the question would reveal itself over the coming decade. The voyage of learning design for profitability and usability that results in paychecks began. Taking several years each(yes, really) to bone up on testing, copywriting, conversion design, & persuasion(NLP), Chad has filled out his tool built with everything necessary to build a house of conversion. Who is this guy?

Thanks so his people skills, his solid background in all things technical when it comes to the web & his keen understanding of what it takes to make a site work, Chad sits at the intersection of a place few marketers can. Occasionally, he answers to the name "Big Daddy C". He's often referred to a 'highly entertaining' while teaching and can often, at a glance, findĀ opportunities where clients are leaving money on the table. He's often called on to speak around the United States, as well as a recent trip to lecture at a conference in Berlin. Yes, now he's international.